Funding Requests

Funding Requests

Authority of Social Contribution - Ma'an Provides funding to support social initiatives and social programs in Abu Dhabi through filling the fund request application.

This program is governed by a Committee whose members are external representatives of different key sectors in Abu Dhabi, like Health and Education and others.
After Filling out the Fund Request Application Form, the technical Team Analysis and Evaluate the submitted to ensure efficient Fund Deployment.
Each application scores differently based on the submitted forms and supporting documents.
The committee views and reviews the applications and decides on the funding approach that is best fit.
Note: You have to register and login as organization to be able to apply for this program.

What We Offer?

Fund Support

Fund Support

Fund Support

Funding social initiatives and projects.

Who Can Apply?

  • Government Entity
  • State Owned Entity
  • Private Entity
  • Small & Medium Enterprise
  • Social Enterprise
  • Non -for-Profit Organization (NGO&NPO)
  • Foundation
  • Association
  • Charity

Your Journey

Application and Supporting Documents

Start the Fund Support Request by filling the form, identify the initiative and the social priority. Explain how the fund request was calculated by sharing and submitting the supporting documents.

Screaning and Initial Review

The technical team receives applications and proceed with screening them to apprehend the concept of the social initiative or project.

Touching Base to provide further Support and Requesting additional information

The team reaches out to the fund requester to support in finalizing the application and filling the form efficiently.

Final Submissiom

The fund requester completes the filling of the application as advised and provide all supporting documents to finalize the application .

Analysing and Evaluating the Submitted Fund Request

The process starts upon receiving applications by conducting an initial screening and classification in order to filter out applications. Then moving to conduct a thorough due diligence in order to present complete applications to committee members.

Presenting to the Social Allocation Committee and Officializing the Resolution

Presenting to the Social Allocation Committee and Officializing the Resolution.

Sharing Feedback and Committee Decision with Fund Requesters

Sharing Feedback and Committee Decision with Fund Requesters.